How to Dress a Bed

Oct 8, 2018 | Home Decor

To start, thread count in sheets is not important.

“Somebody somewhere along the line came up with this marketing idea that the higher the thread count the better the sheets,” says Donna Osif, owner of Bedded Bliss. “Really the only way to know if sheets are well made is to know the quality of the cotton. The better the cotton and the mill, the better the sheets.”

Osif says the best cotton in the world comes from Egypt. The highest end of Egyptian cotton is called “giza.” A giza sheet set — fitted, flat and two pillow cases — can cost $2,000.
“Cotton out of Israel, Turkey, and India is also beautiful,” says Osif, adding that shoppers looking for quality cotton sheets should disregard advertising and ask a trusted shop owner or knowledgeable fabric person for recommendations.
She cautions that some manufacturers coat the cotton with a finish so that it feels soft when touched in stores, but the coating washes off when laundered. There’s also a new up-and-comer in sheets. “A lot of people are starting to buy the bamboo,” Osif says.

When choosing a color for bedding, she suggests something neutral. “Robin’s egg and a sea-hazy blue have become the new neutral like the whites, creams, and grays,” she says. Osif adds that some navy blue and charcoal colors also work well. Dust ruffles are optional though the frilly ones from the past are out.

“Today they are tailored and made in panels that use upholstery pins to secure them to the box springs,” she says. “If you have a beautiful wooden bed, you may like the clean lines and skip the panels.”

Selecting a blanket depends on the season and where you set your home’s thermostat. 

For a top layer, coverlets are all the rage. “A textured matelasse or stone-washed linen is beautiful,” Osif says. Sleeping pillows are not tucked in but sit atop the coverlet behind pillows with shams.

And what about all those decorator pillows to add color? “It’s a personal preference,” she says. “We just see people trying to simplify now, and one big fun pillow is the way to do it.”

Are there any special things you use to make your bedroom more cozy and comfortable?


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