Facing the Cancer Storm: Martha Redman

Oct 14, 2018 | Pink Woman

For this year’s cancer supplement, we’ve featured 14 women whose inspiring stories serve as reminder about the value of maintaining a positive outlook in spite of obstacles. Enter Heidi Fuller, a cancer survivor herself who provides women who have cancer with love, support — and new hair through her business Awakenings Boutique: Wigs, Healing, Recovery, Gifts. These are the women she has helped through their own “cancer storm,” as Heidi has dubbed the diagnosis and treatment.  

Martha Redman

Age 58

Diagnosis stage IC fallopian cancer

Treatments chemotherapy

Losing her hair “I remember being at my son’s lacrosse game. I remember sitting in the stands, and I was thinking ‘I am going to pull my hair back into a ponytail,’ and I looked and there was hair in my hands,” she says. When she saw that her hair was falling out, Martha decided to shave her head.”

Advice to newly diagnosed cancer patients “Don’t feel sorry for yourself, because everybody has something they are dealing with. Live life as you would normally live it. Don’t stop living your life. You need to get up every day. I was busy all of the time.”