Facing the Cancer Storm: Lisa Harris

Oct 6, 2018 | Pink Woman

For this year’s cancer supplement, we’ve featured 14 women whose inspiring stories serve as a reminder about the value of maintaining a positive outlook in spite of obstacles. These women are the Real Faces of Cancer. Read about what they are doing to live a happier life and how they are pushing past fear.
Heidi Fuller, left, owner of Awakenings Boutique and creator of the Real Faces of Cancer campaign, provides a listening ear and added spunk to help other women with cancer to keep going.

Lisa Harris

Age 51
Diagnosis triple negative breast cancer, Stage IIA
Treatments two rounds of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy on her left breast, 21 radiation treatments, as well as six months of ongoing treatments of Xeloda, a medication that interferes with the growth of cancer cells
Best thing she did for herself She says that one of the most positive things she did, besides being surrounded by her support group, was to learn all she could about her cancer. “Having knowledge made it less scary,” she says. “I was OK. It was in my body, yes, it’s invaded me, and it’s going to come out.”

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  1. Regina Middleton

    Thank You!! Today’s Woman…Just searching the internet for my friend Lisa Harris to wish her a Happy Birthday…Always in my thoughts and prayers.


    Regina Middleton


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