Facing the Cancer Storm: Leigh Rae Kmiec

Oct 14, 2018 | Pink Woman

For this year’s cancer supplement, we’ve featured 14 women whose inspiring stories serve as reminder about the value of maintaining a positive outlook in spite of obstacles. Enter Heidi Fuller, a cancer survivor herself who provides women who have cancer with love, support — and new hair through her business Awakenings Boutique: Wigs, Healing, Recovery, Gifts. These are the women she has helped through their own “cancer storm,” as Heidi has dubbed the diagnosis and treatment.  
“My aunt has been here through the whole thing,” Leigh Rae Kmiec says. “She took me to every one of my treatments, and she’s here today for my photo shoot.”

Leigh Rae Kmiec

Age 50

Diagnosis Stage I breast cancer

Treatments 16 days of chemotherapy treatments and 20 days of radiation treatments

Best thing Leigh Rae is grateful to the medical staff at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. Every year they bring their mobile mammography van to the Kentucky State Fair, and that mammogram is how she discovered she had breast cancer.

Finding comfort Supporting other cancer patients has helped Leigh Rae get through her own situation. “They’re coming out of the woodwork. It’s crazy,” she says with a chuckle. “But, they have my number and I’m happy to talk with them any time. Being able to answer their questions and to ease their fears makes you feel good.”


  1. Kathy Carlson

    I am so very proud and admire my Niece Leigh Rae so much. You are a strong fighter. Your strength and and your out look on life you have shown all the way through. From the day I got your phone call until the end of her treatment and much much more. I love you so much Leigh Rae

  2. Regina daub

    Hi, leigh rae.dont know if you remember me and my husband. I wonder all the time how you are doing? My name is Regina and husband Keith.. we shared chemo pods several times had a lot of laughs…


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