Facing the Cancer Storm: Karan Kapp

Oct 28, 2018 | Pink Woman

Karan, right, says her sister, who calls her daily, is one of her biggest supporters.
For this year’s cancer supplement, we’ve featured 14 women whose inspiring stories serve as a reminder about the value of maintaining a positive outlook in spite of obstacles. Enter Heidi Fuller, a cancer survivor herself who provides women who have cancer with love, support — and new hair through her business Awakenings Boutique: Wigs, Healing, Recovery, Gifts. These are the women she has helped through their own “cancer storm,” as Heidi has dubbed the diagnosis and treatment.  

Karan Kapp

Age 63

Diagnosis Stage II breast cancer and stage I uterine cancer

Losing her hair “When I really realized I was going to lose it I was looking at a magazine that had scarves, hats, and wigs,” she says. “I just started crying.” This time around with her second bout of cancer, Karan wasn’t as distraught about her hair loss. “This time I was better prepared, and it didn’t bother me at all,” she says. “It was actually kind of freeing. I cut my hair off and I would wear a ball cap or even go out bald.”

Advice for newly diagnosed cancer patients “There are a lot of experts now who are trying new things, and there’s always hope that there will be a solution and that it will be gone. Find a good doctor and a good medical staff. They’ll take care of you.”


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