Facing the Cancer Storm: Casilee Kidd Boyd

Oct 6, 2018 | Pink Woman

For this year’s cancer supplement, we’ve featured 14 women whose inspiring stories serve as a reminder about the value of maintaining a positive outlook in spite of obstacles. These women are the Real Faces of Cancer. Read about what they are doing to live a happier life and how they are pushing past fear.

Casilee Kidd Boyd

Age 44
Diagnosis Stage IB invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer
Treatment combination of modern medicine with holistic healthcare
Support Casilee says the strong presence of cancer support organizations in the community alleviates the stress and anxiety that cancer survivors often experience. Relying on her faith, family, and friends has been another important factor in how she copes with the disease.  

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  1. Barbara and Kenneth Summers

    You look beautiful! Our thoughts and prayers are with you


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