A Quick Guide on Becoming a Right-Hand Woman: Part 2

Oct 19, 2018 | Featured

She is the woman you can call on for anything, your go-to in times of desperation, and your calm among the storm. When the going gets tough, you want a right-hand woman on your side.
Tracy Roberts, vice president of human resources at UPS Airlines, is originally from New York. She has a wide range of work responsibilities including talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement. Tracy loves her job, and particularly enjoys the people development part of her role.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, bicycling, being outdoors, and sports —particularly softball, which she has played most of her life.

What makes a good right-hand woman?
“Whether man or woman, a good right-hand is open to learning and aligning efforts with the vision of the leader and the direction of the organization. Although she may have her own objectives, they will support or relate to the overriding objectives of the leader.”

What makes a good leader?
“A good leader possesses sound analytical skills to understand the lay of the land and makes decisions decisively. While essential, this is not the only important quality. A leader must also have a high-degree of emotional intelligence to ‘meet people where they are.’ In any given circumstance, a good leader should use the right approach to inspiring others to follow his/her direction.”

It is important to have ____.
“…balance. Finding the right personal balance is essential in life.”

Name one person you would love to meet and why.
“Jesus would have to be at the top of my list, but also Derek Jeter. I am a huge Yankees fan and really admire what he has done in his career.”

What do you know now?
“I’m certain of how important it is to be one’s authentic self, in every setting and in every way.”



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