A Quick Guide on Becoming a Right-Hand Woman: Part 1

Oct 19, 2018 | Featured

She is the woman you can call on for anything, your go-to in times of desperation, and your calm among the storm. When the going gets tough, you want a right-hand woman on your side.
Amy Perkins, vice president of Crisp Collaborative (formerly Pro Communications), is married with two daughters. In her spare time, Amy enjoys working out, reading, and mosaicing.

Her job varies from day to day — from project management and meeting with clients, to actually doing the creative work by brainstorming, writing content, and designing. Every day is different, and that’s what she loves most about her job.  

What makes a good right-hand woman?
“A good right-hand woman has abilities and strengths that complement those of the leader and help create a balanced team. Sarah (CEO of Crisp Collaborative) and I are extreme opposites, but we respect each other’s work styles and appreciate each other’s strengths. This helps us combine the big picture and the finer details to create results for our clients.”

Advice to other women who want to be in your situation/position?
“It may seem simplistic, but find something you enjoy and do your best at it.”

When do you come up with your best ideas?
“My best ideas come when I’m not focused on the issue at hand. When I go for a run or walk it’s a perfect time to let my mind wander.”

How do you start your morning?
“I usually get up and head to the kitchen. I’ve always tried to make it a priority to be there while my girls are eating breakfast. Sometimes it’s completely silent, but that’s OK. It’s just a few minutes in each other’s presence before we head in separate directions for the day. My oldest just moved to college, so I’m savoring time like this with my younger daughter more than ever.”