Strong Mom = Strong Daughters

Sep 7, 2018 | Best Bodies

Shannon Burton, 46, is motivated to stay fit beyond the call of her modeling job. “My daughters are my world, and I want to live as long as possible to see them accomplish all of their hopes and dreams. Working out and caring for myself is extremely important…and I don’t just mean in the modeling world. I am also speaking about my career as a mom. Their eyes are on me constantly as they are both at a very impressionable age.” Shannon has been athletic all of her life: “From seventh grade on through high school I played volleyball, basketball, and track, and was fortunate enough to earn a full women’s basketball scholarship to Duke University.”
Shannon’s middle school girls are both involved in sports — here’s a little more about their athletic goals and what exercise gives them.

It helps me get exercise and keeps me entertained,” Hailey Voss, 12,  says. “It makes me feel better about my body and my health. Her favorite sport? “I’m tall so hitting the volleyball hard over the net makes me feel powerful and strong. It’s an opportunity for me to be a leader.” Goals? To get a college scholarship in either volleyball or lacrosse to either Louisville or Duke

Girls are always trying to fit in…all be the same. But standing out is a good thing, says Hannah Voss, 14. “Girls are so hard on themselves and one another. They think they are too big, or ugly, or not fast enough in a sport. It’s sad because everyone should feel good about themselves.”  Her favorite sport? With field hockey, I love that we are competitive and our team works together. With lacrosse, my teammates and coaches are like a family to me. I am learning not only how to be a good player, but a good person as well.


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