People We Met and The Life Changes They Are Making

Sep 30, 2018 | On The Street

Frankfort Avenue was bustling with pedestrians in a hurry, and the women I interviewed were no exception. Whether opening a new business location or coming back from a reflective trip across the ocean, adapting to change was a common theme between them.
Suzanne Cheek

“I’m turning 60 at the end of this year, so to prepare for that physically and mentally, I’ve been on a wellness self-improvement plan. I’ve already lost 40 pounds. I spent my 59th year getting healthier for my next chapter.”

“I have made a spiritual change. I’m saying the rosary so much more often because I know several young people that I can’t help based on my proximity, but I can say prayers for them. These are young people that are not even related to me, but I think prayer gives me a sense of peace.”

“Ongoing challenges of embracing technology in the workplace is my next hurdle and focus.”

Lea Raptis

“I started working out regularly about a month and a half to two months ago. I joined Orange Theory, so it’s something more regimented to improve my general sense of well-being.”

“I just came back from Greece and that’s always been my happy place. My family is Greek so I have a lot of roots there. Going there reminds me to live a little more and to pursue things that aren’t classically expected, like work. It also reminds me to invest in things that aren’t always considered the most important things in life, to keep things in perspective, and devote time to things not just work or school related. A lot of self reflection happens when you go out of the country.”

Camille Lannert

“I’m about to move to Chicago and start graduate school. I’ve been out of school for three years, so it will be a mental change as well as physical. I’ve always lived in Louisville. This summer I’ve had to mentally divorce myself from living here. It was a hard decision, because I have friends and family here. Chicago is so much bigger and there’s so much diversity, and I’m so excited to go and get settled. But I’ll be back because I love Louisville. There are so many good people here. It’s hard to leave home, but you have to sometimes.”

Julie Pogue – Julie Pogue Properties

“We’ve fully opened our new offices. We moved into a new house on Shelbyville Road. It’s been a fantastic move because it’s centrally located and the office is cute, so I like our clients to see my home away from home. I’m trying to stay present and enjoy the process.”


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