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Sep 11, 2018 | What We Love

Brittany Swan calls her style “Athleisure meets Boho-Chic,” and it’s quite possibly the perfect style definition for this mother of three kids (ages 7 and younger) and yoga instructor at Bend & Zen Hot Yoga. Brittany’s go-to outfits usually include leggings, a jean jacket or komono, and Birkenstocks, along with a simple pair of stud earrings, a Stella and Dot arrow necklace, and mala beads by Sarah Belle.
When this yogi’s day has everything from school activities to teaching yoga in a 100-degree hot room, she has to be prepared for anything. Her secret is carrying a backpack. In her stylish leather backpack from Madewell is usually a sports bra and layering pieces so that she can adapt to any situation that’s thrown her way during the day, as well as shoes, gummy snacks, and anything else an on-the-go, working mom might need. “It’s an extension of my body,” Brittany says.
Going from a hot yoga room to running errands or attending a meeting can be tough, but Brittany shared the Top 5 beauty products that keep her looking polished all day:


To keep her hair looking fantastic all day, Brittany uses all Eufora products. Her go-to trio is Fresh Effect Dry Shampoo, Full Effect Texturizing Spray, and Beautifying Serum.

Brittany recently collaborated with her best friend, neighbor, and owner of Primp Style Lounge, Shannon Kessler, to launch Louisville’s newest podcast, Crazy Zen Life. “People were always asking us about our friendship because we’re neighbors, we do yoga together, and our kids go to the same school. Our lives felt like a reality show.” Thus, organically, the creation of their podcast began. With a shared love of healthy living and nutrition, along with creatively sharing about their lives, Brittany and Shannon are encouraging others to create bonds. “It’s so easy to get attached virtually, but we’re encouraging listeners to create those bonds with their neighbors and friends in real life.”


You can keep up with Crazy Zen Life each week by subscribing on iTunes or Soundcloud.


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