She Leaves Parents Speechless (but not their kids)

Sep 17, 2018 | Way to Go Woman

Our Way to Go Woman! winners will do whatever it takes to create a thriving community. They are driven by their desire to influence others in a positive way, and aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Read about how Adrienne Patterson, one of our five winners, is paving the way to success for people in our city. Adrienne, 29, is our Way to Go Woman winner in the Entrepreneurial category.

Adrienne Patterson  

Founder of Learn With Adrienne, LLC
Speech-Language Pathologist

Adrienne Patterson believes you can transform mundane daily tasks into teachable moments for children. That parents can help their toddlers talk. That you can layer language skills into everyday life. That by teaching communication skills, you connect families. These beliefs, along with her entrepreneurial spirit, led Adrienne to launch her business — Learn with Adrienne.

How It All Started
“As a pediatric speech language pathologist, I provide speech therapy home visits for toddlers who have language delays. I consult with their parents to help put strategies in place to support their toddler’s language skills, thereby helping them become good communicators. But after a few years in the field, I noticed a recurring problem. The parents seemed to struggle once their toddler hit the ‘terrible twos.’ I noticed most parents adjusted to their toddler’s tantrums and power struggles by becoming either hyper strict or overwhelmed and discouraged. Either way, they felt disconnected from their child. I found myself answering the same questions over and over again. I wished I could clone myself. So I did. I started making YouTube videos.”

Biggest Accomplishment
Adrienne’s first dive into the business world was with her online sign language courses. As a speech pathologist, Adrienne felt unqualified to launch a business. She began researching and taking online classes about business strategies and tactics. In just nine months, Adrienne’s online sign language classes enrolled over 100 students. This experience gave her the confidence and skill set to launch Learn with Adrienne — her biggest accomplishment to date. “Being able to help and serve people from all over the world through videos and classes has been rewarding,” Adrienne says. “Whenever I get an email from a student saying that my online class has changed their life, I am encouraged and it spurs me on.”

The Future
“I am currently a one-woman team, so one goal is to hire someone to edit my videos. By taking editing off my plate, I can focus on creating more videos and helping more people. I love helping and educating people around the world through my videos.”

The 2018 Way to Go Woman! winners are women under the age of 40 who were selected by the editorial board of Today’s Woman based on nominations from our readers.


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