From Picnics to Derby Events, This Woman Does It All

Sep 23, 2018 | Way to Go Woman


Lauren Brown

President of Michaelis Events
Dan, husband
Benson, Eli, Payne, sons

Our Way to Go Woman! winners will do whatever it takes to create a thriving community. They are driven by their desire to influence others in a positive way, and aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Read about how Lauren Brown, one of our five winners, is paving the way to success for people in our city. Lauren, 31, is our Way to Go Woman winner in the Professional category.

As president of Michaelis Events, Lauren Brown strives to make each event as unique and special as her client. She describes her business as “one-of-a-kind” in the region, as it provides all elements — catering, design, florals, everything. With goals to continually expand her company, there is no telling where Lauren’s profession might take her.

Family First
“First and foremost, my family is my biggest accomplishment. I have an amazing and supportive husband, along with three great kids. We make a big effort to spend a lot time with them and be involved in their lives.”

Biggest Accomplishment
“We are the only events company in Louisville and the surrounding area to offer custom event experiences using exclusively in-house services. We collaborate with our clients to tell their story — all while using our own event managers, in-house catering/bar services, design, floral, and decor teams. We even bake all of our custom cakes and desserts in-house. There is no other company in the region that produces and manages events with an internal team from start to finish.”

Breaking Routine
“The favorite part of my profession is that we are constantly creating something new. There is no routine, and very rarely are we doing the same thing twice. I am the type of individual who gets bored very quickly and always needs a new challenge. The industry gives me that. It also lets me interact with different people. On any given day, I could be working with a company out of town for a Derby floral install, a corporate client for a holiday party, a law firm for a small event in two days, and a huge company picnic that has to be pulled together in eight weeks. Everything is always different, and I never know what to expect when I start each day. It keeps things interesting.”

Making Magic
“Our five-year goal for the company is to expand into other major markets such as Chicago, Nashville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati for both privately held events and for our Signature Events Series. Our Signature Events Series is a ticketed, open-to-the public event where we have created an immersive ‘magical’ experience — similar to the Harry Potter Christmas Dinner at Warner Bros. Studios. The event brings Michaelis Events’ own wizarding world, ‘Alabaster: An American Wizarding & Witchcraft School,’ to life — complete with a magic school, shops and boutiques, fashion, creature creations, food, drinks, magical history, and more.”

The 2018 Way to Go Woman! winners are women under the age of 40 who were selected by the editorial board of Today’s Woman based on nominations from our readers.