What Does It Take to be a Roller Derby Girl?

Aug 17, 2018 | Best Bodies

“I always wanted arms like Linda Hamilton in Terminator, or like Michelle Obama. I may not be quite to their level, but I do take great pride when people ask me if I workout and then say “I can tell by your arms.”
Shelly Price, 44, has a normal job and is a mother, but she dons her special uniform to compete on the All Stars Roster of the Derby City Roller Girls team. With nine years and counting, Shelly uses the team competition as motivation to fit in her gym routine at Louisville Athletic Club, Taylorsville Road. (She gives a shout-out to her instructors for the past six years, Amy, Lisa, Betty, and Diane for her favorite classes — butts and guts, dance fitness, barre, and kickboxing).
Her Goals? “Although it’s not really a measurable goal, I try to not only maintain my jammer position on the team just because I’m a veteran, but steadily improve not just my stats but my play.”

Want to know more about the Derby City Roller Girls? Or maybe join?

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  1. Teri Hickerson

    Way to go Shelly!


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