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Aug 28, 2018 | Living Beautifully

KImberly stands in one of the Homearama homes designed by Jagoe Homes.
For some, Living Beautifully lies in the art of telling a great story. And that is exactly what Kimberly Greenwell, 41, is doing every Sunday morning on WBNA TV21 from 12:30-1 p.m. Each week Kimberly showcases the struggles and talents of contractors, designers, and local celebrity homeowners as they discuss their gorgeous homes on her shows My Southern Home with Kimberly Greenwell and  Renovating Kentuckiana.

Born and raised in Bardstown, Kentucky, young Kimberly knew she was destined for television. “I wanted to be America’s next Diane Sawyer, like a lot of girls from Kentucky. I even took classes to lose my accent,” Kimberly says. She went to Eastern Kentucky University and majored in broadcasting. It was there, however, that her advisor raised the question, “Do you want to be in the blizzard or inside where you are safe and warm? If you’re Diane Sawyer, you’re in the blizzard.” This question led Kimberly into the niche of media sales, where she could still be engaged in the world of television without the risks of reporting in the field.

Kimberly interviews Shannon Pollard, the grandson of country music singer Eddie Arnold, at Voce Nashville. Shannon created this development which is located on his grandfather’s property.
For years, Kimberly worked her way up the television sales and marketing ladder until she landed her first show in 2015, Your Kentuckiana Home. By this time, she had partnered with the Louisville Home Builders Association and had experience in all the facets of television: marketing, sales, reporting, and production. Another show, My Southern Home with Kimberly Greenwell followed in 2017. “Everything I’ve ever done came together. When we launched My Southern Home, I was the host, producer, and sales manager — I do it all, and that is why I put my name on it!”

When we sat down for an interview, Kimberly was soon headed to Nashville where she would begin filming the Nashville edition of her show, the third city in the show’s repertoire. Running your own show is an exhausting enterprise: she tapes for four weeks straight and then launches into selling advertisement spots before the shows air. This leaves little time for Kimberly to design her own home. Although she tends to gravitate toward a transitional aesthetic that pairs modern tile and clean lines with antiques, a marriage of old and new, she lives in the same one-bedroom condo that she bought when she was 26.

“I have a builder-grade condo with white cabinets and boring grey tile, but not having the overhead is what allows me to pack up my dog Brody and cover other people’s homes. That’s what “Living Beautifully” means to me. My job is to use my two skill-sets, media and building, to showcase my clients’ design and educate viewers on how to use certain products in your home. I ask the questions that allow people to tell their stories; my cameraman Kyle is what makes the show beautiful.”

Kimberly’s favorite segments cover legacy properties, such as the home of Eddie Arnold, who had a “tree survey” of his entire property, and Lauren Just from Persimmon Ridge Golf Club, who was pregnant with their fifth child when she walked the expansive acreage of their new land. “These stories just give me chills thinking about them,” Kimberly says with a hint of that Bardstown accent bubbling up when she speaks from the heart. “I hate shows that make fun of other people’s style. A person’s style is personal; it is a reflection of their personality. How can that ever be wrong?”      

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