How Strong is Stephanie Richie?

Aug 3, 2018 | Best Bodies

She is someone who will motivate you to elevate your fitness level! See how she is keeping on track.
“I find the time to create a healthier me; if I am not 100% for myself how can I be 100% for my family,” says Trainer and mother Stephanie Richie, 36, who often works out at Katy Hearn Gym in New Albany. “I do workouts with my business partner (Forged Fit Training) Emily Bethany. We train together for about two days a week. We both lift a little differently and bring something new to our workouts together.  Since opening our business it has helped us stay on our toes on trying to be creative with our workouts.”

What works for her? “For me, my body responds to HIIT training. I like to incorporate cardio with weights in circuits! I see the most results that way.

A circuit may look like this:

Treadmill sprints 30 seconds

Box jumps 30 seconds

Lateral Raises 30 seconds

Push-ups 30 seconds

Repeat 3x


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