How Do I Break the Curse of Video Games?

Aug 26, 2018 | Just Ask Joyce

I’m convinced video games are a curse! At least at my house. I battle the addiction all the time, but it’s difficult to win when my husband, the father to our boys, has a remote in his hands anytime he’s home. I’ve read about the harmful effects in children’s and even young adults’ development, but seldom do I read where they attribute to wrecking homes. It is destroying ours. How do I convince my husband to disengage from the screen so that our children will?

Sounds as though you must step up and be the adult for everyone concerned. A more radical way to get his attention, as well as your boys,’ would be to dismantle the devices when none of them are home and put them away until a truce can be established. Sounds severe, I know, but sometimes it takes an extreme act to get the attention of folks. A less “explosive” means would be to sit with everyone and establish some limitations for each of them, including, and especially, Dad. Have your private conversation with Dad first, voice your concerns, ask for his support, and have a Plan B tucked away should he resist your suggestion for limitations. If Dad fails to be cooperative, you are still the parent to your children. You can and should put limitations on their screen time. Should they disrespect you by ignoring your wishes, it’s obvious it has been modeled for them. If this is the case, counseling needs to be sought for you and your husband first, expanding the sessions to include better parenting skills.

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