How Being Mentally Tough Can Help You Jump High

Aug 10, 2018 | Best Bodies

“I have a trainer that I see at least 4 times a week, because even as a personal trainer, one of our responsibilities is to continue to grow and educate our clients,” Ashley says. “How I try to achieve this is by stepping back and becoming a student because the learning never stops.”
Ashley Lynnette Jones, 27

JOB Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor

“Fitness has become my passion because it is not a one-dimensional avenue; it’s led me down different roads, allowing me to challenge the status quo of what today’s woman can do, be, and represent.”


What are some of her biggest recent fitness accomplishments?


  1. I competed in the Arnold Amatuer in Columbus, Ohio on March 1-3, 2018 placing third in my class.
  2. I competed in my first Powerlifting competition on June 30, 2018, breaking three national records of the 148-pound weight class – Squat: 341.71 lbs. / Bench Press: 187.39 lbs. / Deadlift: 352.74 lbs.
  3. I was a contestant on Season 10’s American Ninja Warrior.
  4. Becoming a Lululemon Ambassador

 P.S. This woman’s quest to stay fit has led to some major fitness wins…you won’t believe what she’s doing. 



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