Her Remedy for Fighting Disease

Aug 24, 2018 | Best Bodies

“Spinning is a great cardio workout, strengthens your core, is less taxing on your knees and hips and you can work at your own pace and resistance.”
Although Sharon Jeter, 54, has days when she doesn’t feel like working out, she says being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, high cholesterol and high blood pressure is motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sharon participates in a spin and power pump class at the Louisville Athletic Club and lowered her cholesterol from 237 to 210 within the past 6 months.

Morning routine? “I start my day by reading and writing in a spiritual 365 day journal my sister gave me and a prayer on the way to work. This helps me to at least start out with the correct mind-frame. By the time my work day is over, after mostly sitting at my desk all day, I am ready to get the blood flowing!”



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