Have I Prepared Him for Adulthood?

Aug 26, 2018 | Just Ask Joyce

It’s my son’s senior year in high school and I’m scared to death. Have I prepared him for adulthood? He’s a smart kid academically, but he sometimes makes really poor judgment calls regarding relationships. I know there will be lots of temptations in college, but I am not sure he’s ready to face them. I am certainly not ready for him to.

Not many of us are ready for our kids to leave home, but it is better than taking a 30-year old to court because he fails to launch. You have a year ahead of you to prepare him for handling relationships. What you don’t impart to him, he will likely learn the hard way. Experience has been in the teaching business since time began. He is bound to face some trials, as well as temptations, this last year in high school and especially upon entrance into adulthood. However, learning to manage them well will equip him for greater ones that are sure to come. Use this year wisely. Seize opportunities to discuss life and love. Share personal experiences and the insight you gained from them. Encourage the other adults in your son’s life to spend meaningful time with him, as well. While preparing him for his future, don’t forget to enjoy his last high school year. It is over far too soon.

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