Exercise Should Be Fun!

Aug 17, 2018 | Best Bodies

“When I moved to Louisville, the volleyball community became my core group of friends and favorite pastime,” Kari Guy says. “My teams are competitive and want to win, but we all know that we are there to enjoy it and support each other’s internal challenges to improve.”

In fact, Kari, 45, loved volleyball so much that she and her friend bought and operate 6 Pack Volleyball.

ABS After two kids and being an older mom, I’m pretty happy with my abs.  It takes some work to maintain and it’s always a battle to make healthy eating choices, but that’s exactly where the pizza and beer sit!  Core strength is essential in everything you do.

BIG WIN I’m trying to play in more doubles tournaments. Since the competition seems to be half my age, I focus on playing smart and train to maintain endurance.


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