Cook Like Terra (Mother of Five Who Wants To Make Healthful Food)

Aug 13, 2018 | Best Bodies

Yoga is so good for me and I’d recommend it to anyone. I’m a mover and an action taker. I naturally find it very hard to be still, breathe and simply rest. Yet I’ve learned that it is essential that I do so.
The home that Terra Santos, 36, was living in with her husband and five children was attacking them. Mold caused by faulty plumbing growing in several hidden areas meant that they were breathing in toxins on a daily basis. The problems were showing up in illnesses in different members of the family. Terra fought to get to the heart of the issue and found many different ways to take care. She even became a functional health coach after learning so much during this process. Food is one major way Terra invites good health into her family. “I’m generally on a real, whole foods, Paleo-ish, diet. I do eat minimal grains but strive to get as many veggies for my carbs as possible,” Terra says. “I’ve been gluten-free for over three years and found great benefits to it personally. I truly believe different people can do well on different diets, and for the moment, this works well for me, my lifestyle and my genetics.”  Check out her cooking class below to help you prepare meals that will work for your family.


  1. Henry Collins

    Great article. I became more food-conscious a few months ago and started eating more healthy. I don’t see as a diet, I see it more as a lifestyle. It has seen significant improvements in my health and energy levels. Food can have such an impact on our mood and even on our mental health.

    • Terra E Santos

      Thanks for sharing Henry! Isn’t it amazing?


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