Ashley Schifano’s Path to Being Healthy

Aug 6, 2018 | Best Bodies

She is focused on being strong, both mentally and physically.
University of Kentucky student Ashley Schifano, 20, has found the key to a good diet even while being a full-time student is preparation. “I have found that meal prepping food in advance is the best way to stay on track with my diet,” she says. “I think it is best to make a bunch of different meals on Sunday and keep them in the fridge for the whole week, then repeat the process the next Sunday.”

“My most recent fitness accomplishment was going from 120.4 pounds to 136.6 pounds in a year. The reason this was a major accomplishment for me was because my muscle mass went up by 10 percent as my fat percentage went down. My goal was to gain muscle, so I prepared for this accomplishment by staying dedicated to my workouts and nutrition.”

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