What Works for Getting Attention? And, how spin class helps her think.

Jul 9, 2018 | What Works

Meet a woman who started with a singing career and now sings the praises of her clients.

You would be hard-pressed to keep up with Caroline Knop, owner of Simply PR. She starts her day at 4:30am at her computer, looking for what’s going on in the city that might tie in with her clients’ needs. She reaches out to the media with pitches and angles for stories or events and then heads to The J for spin class.

Spin class is her creative time.

“This is my thinking time. While I’m in spin class or lifting weights I can think and come up with ideas. I’m usually at The J every morning anywhere between 6:45 and 8:15.”

While some of us might want to think of taking a nap after that ambitious start to the day, not so for Caroline. She’s back on her computer hoping for responses to her earlier inquiries, checking social media, looking for any new relevant local events, or maybe finding a sponsorship for one of her clients.

“I’m constantly connecting the dots either between a client’s products or other people. If I believe in your product and you, I am go go go. PR takes a lot of heart and passion, and I provide an active role. I am there with the client on interviews or at events.”

Caroline says she had planned to attend The Juilliard School to study singing but that didn’t work out. She moved to Orlando and became a singing wench at a dinner theater there. She has lived in Los Angeles, New York City, and even did a short stint with Planet Hollywood in Cancun and London. In New York, she served as director of fundraising for the now closed National Shakespeare Company and then went on to become an account executive at a PR firm, which led her to starting her own company.

“I love promoting people, and if I believe in you I will spend my energy doing that. I love cold calls and making connections. I know people in Los Angeles, New York City, and of course in Louisville. I do a lot of pro bono work. I love nonprofits and I also work with clients in the food and beverage industry.

“I will help a client create an event and be there to help work that event. I am not just writing press releases all day, but brainstorming and connecting with people. If it makes sense, I’ll connect it.”

What has Caroline connected with that works for her?

Fitness has become Caroline’s creative muse which is an asset in her job.
Black leggings

For some women it’s about having the little black dress, but for me it’s having 10 pairs of black leggings. I wear the Champion brand sold at Target and also have leggings from Fabletics and The Gap. I am known as the grass roots gal on the go. I am always ready to work and work out. I wear my leggings, tennis shoes, and a nice black zip up jacket or black rain jacket.

Membership at The J

For me, working out is about being healthy, mentally and physically. I am at The J almost every single day either in the morning or the evening or sometimes both. It’s how I jump start my day.

Computer and iPhone 4G

Today, the main way to communicate is by email or Facebook. Talking on the phone is not as relevant today as it was when I started out. Now it’s all about email. I have to admit I am not a tech savvy person. People laugh that I still have an aol.com email address. But, technology keeps me consistently and constantly connected. I can tune it out when I’m in spin class though. There, I am not on my phone but getting into a creative zone.