Indulgent Desserts to Eat this Summer

Jul 1, 2018 | Food

Give yourself a taste of the sweet life by trying one or all of these yummy desserts this month. We promise that you won’t be disappointed after you take the first bite.
Bourbon Caramel with Bacon Doughnut at Hi-Five Doughnuts

You won’t look at doughnuts quite the same after you bite into this crunchy and sweet creation. Leslie Wilson and Annie Harlow have put a new spin on the classic doughnut by merging unlikely foods and ingredients together that just work. This brioche style doughnut — made in-house without preservatives — is topped with applewood smoked bacon and a bourbon based glaze that will excite your palate. Side note: Consider the Buttermilk Chicken Doughnut sandwich.

Thai Tea Poke Cake at Louisville Cream

This ice cream contains pieces of coconut cake mixed in with sweet condensed milk and tea leaves that have been dyed orange.

Cookie Sandwich at Louisville Cream

Brace yourself: this mega cookie sandwich is nothing close to the ice cream sandwiches you’ll find at the grocery. Pick the type of cookie and ice cream you want and be ready for a heaping mouthful of goodness. The Funfetti cookie, loaded with white chocolate and sprinkles, is paired with Vanilla Two Way ice cream. For a cookie sandwich variation, try the salted chocolate chip cookie or peanut butter cup cookie. Or, change the ice cream to the Royal Chocolate or Bourbon Smoked Pecan. For a taste like no other, try one of the 11 housemade ice cream flavors, such as Salted Butter Caramel in a house-made waffle or pretzel cone. Louisville Cream also offers eight rotating flavors to keep your dessert experience interesting.

Me and our photographer Melissa Donald couldn’t stop eating these desserts. (L-R) The featured flavors here are pink lemonade, chocolate, and stracciatella.

Pistacchio Bronte at Gelato Gilberto

The pistachios, harvested every two years and grown in a volcanic soil located in Bronte, Italy, gives this gelato its authentic, bold flavor. Kristin and Justin Gilberto have 24 flavors of handcrafted gelato and sorbetto using milk from JD Country Milk in Russellville, Kentucky, and fresh fruits and herbs. To achieve the smooth and creamy taste, the gelato is kept in a case at a temperature of 8 degrees. Also, unlike ice cream, gelato doesn’t have as much air whipped into it, which contributes to its creaminess. Some of the other popular flavors include: Raspberry Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Goat Cheese, and Fig.


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