I Will Give Them a Voice by Using My Own

Jul 28, 2018 | Passions

Sony’s participation in the Light to Night walk is way for her to pay tribute to her sister and show support for others whose loved ones have died from cancer. The center photo in the background shows Sony with her sister.
Cancer is a heck of an opponent. Luckily, there are passionate people like Sony Steier who are  willing to put their time, talent, and energy into raising awareness, donations, and camaraderie between survivors and those who have lost loved ones to the disease.
Sony is a co-chair of Light The Night, a fundraiser walk benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Sony’s sister lost her life to the disease when she was only 30 years old.

“Tina was my everything,” Sony says. “My mother raised us to be very dedicated and caring for our family members. Coming from this belief in family fiber, I found my sister’s death to be devastating. She not only lost her life, but she was pregnant at the same time and lost the baby before her death.”

The darkness that Sony felt when she heard the news left her in despair.

But, Sony says, “The Light the Night evening shines a light of warmth and generates hope that is often not kept with you when you hear that someone you love may pass away. The life-saving research and support generated from this event for cancer patients and their families is ignited by the lights in a dark sky to remind us we’re not alone. I just wish I could have had [my sister] in my life a little longer.”

The lanterns Sony is holding are used for the Light the Night walk.
Sony’s  journey is a continual healing process. A favorite quote that has helped her through the difficult moments: “Suffering is a human condition…if I never had pain, I’d never understand the journey of others.” “The longest relationship you usually have in life is one with your siblings. Tina was my sister and friend. Her life was cut short and left a space in myself and family that we can’t get back. Because of this and in honor of her memory, my mission is passion driven. I live for her memory and to fight the opponent that has taken her life and the lives of countless others: I will give them a voice by using my own.”   This year’s walk will be held on October 6 and you can go here to register.


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