Her Position Got Eliminated; She Evolved

Jul 2, 2018 | Turning Point

Oddly enough, this business woman’s Turning Point put her in a position to help other business owners reach their own turning point.
As owner of Impact Sales Systems, Amy Romines serves as revenue and growth coach and business advisor to her clients.

Her path to becoming an entrepreneur started when she was a young professional working for Brown-Forman. In 1994, though, her division was sold to a company in New York, and her position was eliminated.

“I could have become an employee of the new company, but instead I started my own software development business and took that company on as my first client.

“Over 13 years in business, my company grew by circumstances by expanding existing clients, but I saw that I had to learn to be strategic and how to actually sell to create new clients. Eventually it came to the point that I hired a sales coach and discovered that that was what I wanted to do.” She has now been doing that for 11 years.

“I had to overcome my own inner thoughts of ‘Who do you think you are that you can advise people?’ To be good at something you just have to be better at it than the people who need your help. As I became better at what I did, the complexity of my clients evolved. As I have evolved, so has my business grown and evolved.”

She says that when she learned how to help people grow their businesses by helping them generate more revenue or lower the cost of operations, it was an empowering and responsible place to be.

Amy works mostly with solely owned, closely-held businesses where the owners are highly committed and love what they are doing. She usually spends 18 to 22 months with a client. She has clients in manufacturing, marketing, professional services, consumer services, sales, and management.

“I help my clients develop the behaviors behind successful selling: how to prospect and find people, how to plan the questions to ask, how to handle ‘no,’ and how to develop mental toughness. When you get greater control over what you’re doing on a daily basis, that evolves into greater control over what you do over the months and years.

“I love coaching…helping someone figure out a different way of doing something or seeing them discover how to get what they want and watch their confidence grow stronger and stronger.”


  1. Linda Finney

    So thrilled her story is being told. Amy made the most of an opportunity, such courage and tenacity.

    I have used her for my business and professional growth. She is the real deal.

  2. Vanessa Pennoyer

    I met Amy with previous employer and found my business when my position was eliminated as well. She still is a very important advisor and now friend. To see her in action is magical!

  3. Theresa Lamb

    Love be the article! You rock girl!

    • Amy

      Thanks! I love what I do. You just never know what wonderful is in front of you! Feels like you can’t always see it. It’s there!


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