Feeding Her Mind, Easing Her Stress

Jul 13, 2018 | She's Reading

Meet Lesa Seibert. CEO of a flourishing marketing agency. Classically trained soprano. Mother of two. Grandmother of one. Songwriter with her husband.

With her many hats, Lesa keeps everything tied together by feeding her mind and easing her stress. How? By watching, listening, and reading.

Listening to? “Music is an escape,” says Lesa, a classically trained soprano who sang with the Louisville Orchestra. “If things are stressful or I want to mellow out the mood, music is always there, and it always works.”

While she could list many artists to whom she’s drawn, Muse, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, and Foreigner top Lesa’s chart. When it comes to a genre, her Sirius XM is most likely tuned to Alt Nation. “It’s got the newest alternative artists out,” Lesa says.

Reading? As CEO of Mightily, a web design and digital marketing agency, Lesa is dedicated to supporting her fast-growing business. If she’s on a plane traveling to meet with a client, at lunch or at home, Lesa reads as much as she can.

Currently, she’s reading Traction by Gino Wickman. “It’s about process and structure for your business,” says Lesa, who picked up the book after two women business owners, one local and one in Minneapolis, made the recommendation. “The book’s concepts have worked really well for them. Mightily is experiencing rapid growth and has a need for putting more structure in place for the business as we grow.”

Lesa says the book is helping Mightily identify areas of focus including more organization around decision-making processes as well as internal processes to help staff accomplish tasks better, faster, and easier. “It’s alleviating bottlenecks and stress,” Lesa says.

Lesa also goes to online resources to keep up with industry news. For the latest in advertising, she reads the American Advertising Federation’s blog. For growing a business, she reads Entrepreneur magazine’s blog. To stay on top of web design, Lesa reads Tech Talk, which is more technology focused.

On the fun side, Lesa is reading The Lost Symbols by Dan Brown. “I’ve seen some of the movies in the series, such as The Da Vinci Code,” she says. “I like the mystery plus the historical pieces to it. That just intrigues me, and he’s a really great writer who keeps you interested and engaged.”


For guilty pleasure, Lesa loves The Voice. Because of her background as a singer, she wants to see what’s out there in the world of music.

Lesa also likes Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, X-Files, Gotham, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, The Frankenstein Chronicles, and Silicon Valley.

“Silicon Valley relates so closely to what we do in our business,” Lesa says. “It’s actually funny to watch it happen on TV.” She recently watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary about climate change, Before the Flood. “It’s quite good,” Lesa says. She watched a PBS documentary on Edgar Allan Poe and learned some things she didn’t know about the famous poet.

Who are you following? “I rarely use Instagram, but I follow a lot of people who are in similar industries on Twitter and Facebook,” Lesa says. On the entrepreneurial side, she follows Forbes Entrepreneur and Metro Startup Launcher. “Metro Startup Launcher was started by a friend who helps local entrepreneurs get funding outside venture capital,” Lesa says. She also follows the Science Channel because she loves all things science. “I’m a geek.” She follows a couple of bourbon Twitter feeds including Four Roses and Willett.

Particular to Facebook, she keeps up with friends and new events going on around the city. She  follows some of her favorite local restaurants including Volare, Bistro 1860, Fork and Barrel, Ceviche, Brix Wine Bar, and Brasserie Provence.