Need a Summer Camp for Your Kid?

Jun 20, 2018 | Past Sponsored

Still thinking about summer camp? Here are five tips by local mother, Susan Viers Wobbe, who has sent her two children to summer camps for many years.


1) Determine your budget and how many weeks of camp you wish for your children to attend.

2) Gather information from friends, websites, and lists for potential camps that fit your schedule and are of interest to your children.

3) Decide with your children what summer camps they will attend and sign them up. (Watch for deadlines and deposit requirements!)

4) After each camp is over, do a “debrief.” What did they like about it, dislike about it, and do they want to do it again next year?

“After the camp we discuss their experiences in depth: What did they learn? Did it meet their expectations? Most importantly, do they want to go again? Often times this last question reveals the most about their experiences. Be sure to pay attention to changing interests that your child has and continue to research camps that can further foster those interests. So far this system has worked well for my family and we will continue with this plan in the foreseeable future.”


Today’s Woman has a list of summer camps if you want to get in on the fun yet this year.


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