Kim says: “Choose a Window that Saves You Money.”

Jun 21, 2018 | Past Sponsored

Do your homework before starting a home remodeling project in order to save money every month your heating and cooling bills. Kim Foster, owner of Window World, has turned her business into a one-stop shop for clients who want more than windows. The company offers siding, doors, gutters, and roofing as part of its exterior home remodeling service.
Kim shares two things homeowners should consider when planning a home remodeling project.
She recommends purchasing energy efficient products to protect your furnishings and cut costs. “The Low-E argon windows help you save money on your heating and cooling, but also as the sun is shining on your furniture, it will slow down the fading of your furniture,” Kim says.

  1. “Low E is a coating on the glass that stops harmful UV rays from ruining the color of your curtains, furniture, or wood floors. The argon gas between the two panes blocks the flow of warm or cold air that can come in and out of your home. “It saves you in terms of heating and cooling expenses. The heat and cold can’t transfer when you have both of these settings on your window.”
  2. Kim says look for integrity-based pricing. Window World itemizes each product it sells to help customers understand what they are paying for. “Our window contract lists every kind of window, the options along with doors, size, and price.”


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