How She Uses her Power to Positively Impact People

Jun 10, 2018 | What We Love

With a goal of more than highlighting the natural beauty of its guests, Neatbeat salon’s mission is to create a culture that feels like family.

They were best friends since age 16, and Samantha Huber and Heather Yurko, owner of Neatbeat turned their friendship into a working relationship when Samantha became general manager of the salon. Samantha’s job is to implement the concept Positively Impacting People (PIP), teaching the 25 artists in the salon that through their own perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors, they have the power to change people through the experiences they have in their chairs.

Samantha lives a Zen-like lifestyle, and her beliefs are strongly interwoven into the mission of the salon. She calls it “synergy.”

Her creative flow is what we love about her. It’s the manner in which she prepares for her day to be filled with peace and positive energy.

Her morning ritual begins at 6 with a trip to the gym. When she gets home, she drinks orange juice and puts on LA Pure eye masks (24K gold collagen eye masks from Amazon, 15 sets for $19.99) while she then drinks her coffee. She writes down five things she’s thankful for in her ITF (I’m Thankful For) journal, something she was prompted to do by Heather in 2015. Samantha says that gratitude has changed her entire life.

The final part of her morning routine involves yoga after journaling. She lights two candles in the room. Then she does three sun salutations, sits or lies in child’s pose for five breaths, and finishes with meditation for five to 10 minutes with a lengthy spine, focusing on her breathing.

Even though she’s not currently teaching yoga, she’s a registered yoga teacher) and enjoys Abbey Brooks’ power vinyasa class two days a week at Bend and Zen in Westport Village.

After completing her morning ritual, she showers with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Lavender Soap($11.99 at Kroger). The lavender scent helps with stress and anxiety and reminds her to relax, breathe, slow down, be in the moment, and focus on the present.

Samantha is admittedly obsessed with Obagi ZO face cleanser (available at CaloSpa). She uses it twice a day and the brightening serum at night. She says the line smells fresh. After, she uses Lalogy moisturizer in Sunkissed to help with sun damage and wrinkles. She keeps the product in the refrigerator for a cool burst of freshness when applied to her face.

Her makeup routine is simple. She uses Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation (found at Sephora), a Morphe Eyeshadow Palette on her eyes, and Nars lipstick in the shade of Kelly. She finishes it off with NYX setting powder.

Samantha’s mantras:

  • Be still and know. When you are still, when you love yourself, everything will work out for the highest good.
  • Observe. Accept. Release. When negative feelings arise, she thinks upon these words. They are powerful to her and make her aware of the energy she brings to the table every day.


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