How Do You Decide What Neighborhood to Live In?

Jun 19, 2018 | Sponsored

Looking for a new home? We have some good advice from local experts about how to make decisions concerning where to buy a house.


“Lifestyle desires and proximity to work.  If you have children and want to live in Louisville, schools are the top consideration because of JCPS placement.”  – Susannah Stevenson, WR Realtors


“One of the biggest mistakes people make when searching for a home is settling.  Once you make a list of non-negotiable items, it’s wise to stick as closely as possible to that list.  If you get too far away from desired features and compromise too much, you’ll find yourself home shopping again—sooner rather than later!  As a rule of thumb, it is best to buy a home where you can be satisfied for 7-10 years.” — Laura Rice, Kentucky Select Properties


“For each new home owner, the decision to purchase a home is unique. My personal criteria was based on the location and the style of house. My location allows me to be downtown in 10 minutes while enjoying a park-like setting. Although my choice required many updates and sweat equity, in the end I had the home I desired with updates that mirrored my preferences.”  – Ann Broderick, Semonin Realtors


Words of Advice from a Buyer:

“Do a lot of research, and be open to looking at neighborhoods that you didn’t think you’d like. The internet makes it easy to see hundreds of houses in a day, so you can really get a feel for what you’ll be able to get for your money in different neighborhoods. And get all your finances in order before you go see any houses so you can act fast when you find one you like. They go as quickly as they come.” —  Kelsey and Chris Curry


In this seller’s market, it is good to be thinking about the future, but also to act quickly. These realtors give some advice in this issue of Today’s Woman. 


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