What I Wore: Rachel Sandrella

May 15, 2018 | What I Wore

Rachel Sandrella works as an Urban Missionary at Love Thy Neighborhood.

Her Sense of Style: “My sense of style tends to be inspired by romantic/bohemian looks. For my shape, I like more flowy materials. When I shop for clothes, I like to look for items that don’t draw a lot of attention to my stomach, but still reflect my personality.”

How Did You Piece This Outfit Together? “I watched jessakae.com for a while and fell in love with their clothing options. I don’t normally shop online, but when the clothes are adorable and fit my style, I feel like it’s worth the risk and that’s how I bought this dress.”

Why Did You Choose Those Accessories? I love hoop earrings and gold. But I really love simplicity when it comes to my style. A Little bit really goes a long way, but I have so much fun with my makeup that I try to balance it by simplifying my jewelry.

Dress – Jessa Kae – $40
Shoes – Nordstrom Rack – (Brand) Mellrose and Market – $50
Necklace – Old Navy – $10
Earrings – Old Navy– $7
Nose Ring – Hot Topic – $17
Purse – TJ MAXX – Kate and Alex – $20


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