Sponsored by Keibler & Sutherland
By Tiffany White

When your loved one needs long-term care and faces the financial expense it creates, knowing how to handle the situation can be intimidating. Roy Keibler, founder of Keibler & Sutherland, along with wife/co-owner Elizabeth, marketing director, and Lisa Sutherland, partner and case manager, are working together to make sure clients who are in this situation are able to get the medical care they need without losing all of their assets.The company secures financial assistance for their clients to help them pay for the cost of their care through either Medicaid or the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit.

“The average nursing home costs $7,000-$8,000 a month. Many of the people we are seeing make $1,000-$1,250 per month, so they’ll lose $6,000 a month. That is $75,000 a year. We help them save a huge amount of their assets” Roy says.

A key benefit of the Keibler & Sutherland service is that a family’s loved one can maintain their financial independence as well as have money available to pass down after their death. Roy and Lisa meet with the family concerning their financial resources available, then offer various financial options and create a plan for how to secure financial assistance.

Keibler and Sutherland offer educational classes every Thursday at 6pm. Photos by Melissa Donald

Next, they assist the client with filing a Medicaid application and obtain legal services from an elder law attorney when needed. “If the individual has real estate that needs to be sold, we have realtors who work with us to handle the real estate. We have other outside sources that help with all the ancillary things needed such as accountants, facility placement, individual assessment, etc,” he says, thereby providing a one-stop spot for the client.

Keibler and Sutherland offer the solution that takes away the fear of losing it all – We Preserve your Assets!