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By Tiffany White

If you don’t know what’s happening on your roof, Kim says you could be jeopardizing the beauty of your home and everything inside. So, who is Kim?

Kim Foster is owner of Window World and has turned her business into a one-stop shop for clients who want more than windows. The company — which also offers siding, doors, and gutters — added roofing to its list of services two years ago as part of its exterior home remodeling service. Replacing your roof, Kim says, is necessary to keep the foundation of your home in good shape.

Kim says you should replace your roof if you have had storm damage, because severe weather can affect the longevity of the shingles. “A lot of people don’t know they have storm damage, because there are no visible signs. Sometimes it can be wind that blows the shingles up, but people will think it is a natural curling.”

Kim says homeowners should make sure they clean out their gutters regularly, because clogged gutters cause roof leaks. “When the gutters are backed up, the water rises and goes into the back of the shingles…so the water rises out of the gutter and seeps into the wood and rots the wood, which causes the leaks.”

It could be time to replace the roof if you live in an older home. “Most older shingles last for 15-20 years, so if you buy a house that was built in the ’50s and it still has the same roof, you might want to replace it, because the shingles would be 60-70 years old,” Kim says.