Monday, December 7, 2015

Don’t you love our cover model in this blue dress? (And other behind-the-scenes for our December cover shoot)

Trisha Finnegan looks lovely on our December Today’s Woman cover this month, doesn’t she? But you didn’t see the other outfit she wore during our photo shoot.

Trisha Finnegan, vice president for Community Leadership, The Community Foundation of Louisville is as lovely a person as she appears in our photos.

Fun facts from our photo shoot:
  • Trisha says she never wears her hair like we have it styled on the cover. Her normal work look is more like her photo above.
  • We started the photo with three wreaths also hanging in the background, but in our final photo, we decided they were more of a distraction.
  • Marie Fulkerson and Bailey Goonan, our makeup and hair experts, used StyleSexyHair dry shampoo on Trisha’s roots to help maintain the volume of her curly hair. “I teased at the roots with a teasing comb. We finished with a Chi Shine Infusion for instant restoration of color and life back to hair while adding a beautiful healthy shine.”
  • They applied an eye brightening concealer underneath her eyes and used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow set to fill in her brows and finished her eye look with the “incomparable” Lancôme Hypnose Drama Waterproof mascara. Trisha is wearing Ruby Woo by MAC on her lips, “my favorite red lipstick on the planet,” says Marie.
  • The clothing came from Dillard’s, and Alissa Hicks, our stylist, chose the jumpsuit because “Trisha is petite, and I wanted to elongate her figure and dress her a little more elegantly than she normally dresses. This red jumpsuit is playful, stylish and holiday festive. Also, the deep blue dress is very elegant and complimented her skin tone beautifully. Both pieces had a higher neckline, which elongated her petite frame and gave her a very sleek silhouette.”

This beautiful chair was borrowed from Contemporary Galleries.

A Little More About Trisha
There's one thing about Trisha that we didn’t get to tell you in her print story by Marie Bradby in our December issue. She does a lot of great things for our city in her work at Community Foundation, but she is also involved in groups outside of work, including the Louisville chapter of the Awesome Foundation, a national organization where a group of 10 members provide $100 each to give $1,000 grants. Her chapter meets every other month to donate to individuals, nonprofits — ”anyone who makes this a wonderful place to be. There are very few rules and a tremendous amount of freedom to use your money as a group for what you feel makes this city awesome,” says Trisha.

They’ve given grants to the Happy Birthday Park and to Surgery on Sunday, a nonprofit that performs free outpatient surgery on Sundays for individuals who cannot afford it. At 20 surgeries per day, they have held six surgery days in 2015, she says. In 2016, they want to do 10 surgery days.

“Our chapter members have a ton of fun. We get to hear about the most amazing things.”

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  1. Awesome on so many levels.
    The differences being made in Kentucky are done with pure intentions to uplift, empower and provide for needs of those not heard in society. Making a difference on groups and one person at a time. This is a measure of compassion and will continue to make Kentucky Strong! Thank You


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