Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Before She Goes (and she goes fast!)

By Tiffany White

Production of the headbands happens in Macy's basement where she works 8 to 10 hours a day. 

What started off as handmade Christmas gifts for friends four years ago turned into more than Macy Ross ever expected. She stumbled upon the ingenious idea of ...

...starting Diva Bands after a group of friends showed off the fashionable non-slip headbands Macy had designed for them. “They told their friends about them, and it snowballed,” Macy says. An avid runner, Macy’s inspiration for making the headbands came from noticing that regular headbands often slipped off during vigorous exercises. “I would see women and girls with longer hair constantly adjusting their headbands,” she says. “Then they would eventually take it off because it became such a nuisance.” The back of Macy’s headbands are made from velvet and act as a gripper to keep the headband in place.

Macy has 300 styles with varying widths for kids and adults. The bands can also can be worn as a decorative headpieces. “You can wear them if you are a nurse and wear your hair up, and it is a nice accent to your ponytail or outfit,” she says. “We want them to be fashion-forward and stylish.” Macy’s headbands can be purchased through her website, but they are also available locally at Pacers and Racers in New Albany, Ken Combs Running Store, and Swags Sports Shoes.

The popularity of Diva Bands has even extended outside the Louisville area. For the past year, Macy has been selling the headbands on Zulily and has shipped orders to Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia.

In addition to managing her business, Macy makes time for fitness without slacking off. “I am very disciplined at it, and I try to do something every day,” she says. “Some days, I will swim for 30 minutes and lift weights for an hour.” Last year, Macy participated in her first Ironman Louisville competition, which lasted for 14 hours. She plans on participating next year.

Macy spends three to four days cutting the ribbon for her headbands to the required length. After the ribbon has been cut and bundled, she starts selling and making the headbands. 

Macy uses a numerical coding system to keep track of her inventory. 

Diva Bands has 300 styles which include floral designs, chevrons, animal prints, and glitter. 

Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority for Macy, she will never stop eating her favorite dessert. “My husband got the flu on my birthday last month, so my sister brought over a yellow cake with chocolate icing,” she says. “I shared four pieces, but other than that, I ate the whole damn cake. It took me five days, but I ate it.”

She also makes customized headbands for clients using their medal ribbon as a way of commemorating the race. Macy, who participates in mini-marathons, shows a couple she made for herself.

Athletic fashion she’s wearing: “Adidas leggings and cycling and running gear from Pearl Izumi.”

Latest purchase she’s praising: “I bought a pair of capri tights from Pacers and Racers. They’re a lightweight and soft material that doesn’t bunch up.”

Macy buys all of her clothing locally. These shoes come from Ken Combs Running Store, and the pants are a birthday present from her husband Tyler. 

Beauty product she’s loving: “I swear by coconut oil. I use it for moisturizing my face and body. I love it.”

Exercise she’s doing: Swimming and running.

Before I Go… “I make sure the house is tidy and walk Mr. Buttons, my Pekingese dog.”

Macy makes exercise a regular part of her life and will be participating in Ironman Louisville next year. 

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