Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Why Her Work Wardrobe Includes 4-Inch Heels

By Tiffany White 

First impressions matter, and Delesha Thomas makes each one count in her job at New Albany’s Carnegie Center for Art & History — starting with...

her outfits. Whether she is greeting visitors or assisting with Day at the Carnegie, an arts and crafts event for kids, Delesha often receives compliments about her style.

While some women agonize over what they’ll wear each day, Delesha pulls together an outfit within minutes each morning before work. Selecting the outfit she’ll wear requires no planning and minimal thinking. The center’s dress code is business casual, but Delesha doesn’t stick to standard fashion when she dresses for work.

“I think it is important to look approachable and well-groomed, and it is fun to know people appreciate how I put my wardrobe together,” she says.

Although Delesha owns one-piece clothing and dresses, she says separates such as pants and skirts give her the flexibility of creating multiple outfits with varying styles. “One day I might wear more of a vintage style, and the next time it might be more Afrocentric,” she says. Sometimes she merges both styles. The unpredictability of her outfits is what makes them a conversation starter among those she meets. “I have worn a pair of red shoes with a blue outfit, and I’ve worn a black-and-white dress with yellow accessories and yellow shoes,” she says.

Delesha doesn’t let trends dictate what she wears. “I’ve never been a trendy buyer. I’ve had some things for years. I buy things that are very basic. I will wear bell bottoms, a V-neck sweater, or a monogrammed shirt. I go with what I want and what fits me.”

When buying clothes, Delesha doesn’t place limitations on where she’ll shop. “I have bought items from Mariposa, a consignment store in New Albany; Target; Wal-Mart; Dillard’s; JCPenney; Goodwill; and yard sales,” she says.

A typical shopping day for Delesha starts at noon on a Saturday and ends at 5:30 or 6pm. She prefers shopping alone and rarely tries on any clothes before she buys them except when choosing coats, jackets, or blazers. Delesha can do all of this without ever returning an item or having any clothes tailored because she understands what works with her figure. “I have an ample backside, but it isn’t a problem because I don’t buy clothing that draws attention to that area,” she says. “Or if my skirt has a snug fit, I will wear a long shirt to cover my backside.”

High-heeled shoes are another staple she can’t do without. Every day, Delesha wears heels up to 4 inches high to work, which isn’t a problem since she sits at her desk most days. Even on days when the center has special events that require her to stand for several hours, Delesha won’t trade in her heels for ballet flats. “It isn’t about comfort — it is about what works with the outfit,” she says. “I like pointy-toe shoes because I have a narrow foot, and they look good on me.”

While Delesha is particular about her clothes and shoes, she doesn’t place as much importance on makeup. Her makeup routine goes no further than lipstick and occasional eyebrow grooming, but her hair is a priority. She wears it natural — without chemical straighteners — and says she has more styling options that way. She sports an array of hairstyles including afros, braids, updos, and extensions. Before she switched to natural hair, Delesha proudly wore a mohawk. “I owned it, and I rocked it,” she says.


  1. I loved being a part of this Today's Woman article. The entire staff I encountered was very professional and courteous, they made me feel so comfortable...Delesha Thomas

  2. beautiful woman! and 4 inch heels are my staple, whatever the style, also..at 5 foot, i can't do without!


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