Saturday, November 7, 2015

How Art Works in Her Home

By Anna Patterson

Ingrid Hernandez's home is filled with artwork. She takes advantage of all her wall space.
When I first stepped into Ingrid Hernandez’s home, I thought I had mistakenly walked into an art gallery. Paintings, pastels, and prints covered nearly every inch of the home’s purple and gold walls. Each piece stood out individually yet they all flowed together to create a vibrant ambiance. As I stood in the entrance and took it all in, I could hardly wait to see the rest of her home.

Ingrid, creator and owner of InGrid Design, a graphic design business, took me on the grand tour of her home. And as I suspected, art was everywhere you turned. Her collection comes from every corner of the world — Puerto Rico, Cuba, France, Louisville, the St. James Art Show, and even includes a few of her own pieces.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you appreciate art but have no idea where to begin when choosing a piece. Therefore, you avoid the task or fill your walls with family photos.

Ingrid says investing in art is all about personal taste. You might find a piece and be impressed with the technique or aesthetics. You may come across a work of art that has meaning to you. It could be a piece by your favorite painter, or maybe you simply like the color. Any and all of these reasons can justify purchasing art for your home.

Arranging art also comes down to personal taste. Ingrid’s artwork is arranged in a variety of ways. On the main floor she has her “Jeaneen Barnhart Wall,” which is filled with posters and originals by the local artist.

Down the hallway hangs a series of Ingrid’s school work, followed by a group of charcoals Ingrid says always looks good together. Downstairs her walls are solid teal, making colorful works seem even brighter.

For Ingrid, home decor is all about color. There isn’t a solid white wall to be found in her home or even her office. She says white walls aren’t necessary to make things pop. For example, the gold frames that she hangs most of her artwork in blend with her gold walls, making the artwork stand out. The gold frames also help tie in the paintings on her plum walls.

Ingrid’s home is a reflection of her artistic personality as well as the birthplace of her graphic design business. She started in her bedroom in 2002, the moved to the basement as her business grew. Her entire staff consisted of herself, her ex-husband, and two employees. Now, after five years of working out of her home, Ingrid has expanded and remodeled an office in the Highlands and oversees 15 employees

Ingrid's kitchen shows her artistic flair. She had her windows custom made to create a more indoor/outdoor space with her patio.

Ingrid loves decorating for Christmas. She decorated her window with hanging ornaments, alternating between spheres and stars. Ingrid says she liked them so much, she kept them up until Derby season. Also, since Ingrid is all about color with her decor and design, every year’s Christmas is color-themed.

Ingrid says the most important thing about design, whether it’s for work or home, is to have meaning behind it. “In every piece I buy, there is a meaning,” she says. “A piece could be beautiful, but if there is not meaning, it’s just not going to work.”

Art is Ingrid’s passion, she says. It’s her foundation as a designer and is represented beautifully through her home decor. Although she is quickly running out of wall space, that doesn’t stop her from continually looking for more pieces that reflect her artistic spirit.

Ingrid groups her artwork by type or in this instance style and artist. This is the Jeaneen Barnhart wall. 

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