Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Fashion Guru’s Inside Tips

By Tiffany White

Danielle Rudy Davis keeps an eye on Louisville area style and is intensely curious about everything and everyone around her. Find out who she’s writing about and her latest fashion obsession.

Whether she’s writing on her blog about the latest fashion trends or relating funny anecdotes about television’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Danielle values authenticity. “I try not to dive into the more boring, monotonous parts of my life, but it happens sometimes,” she says. “I think people see that I am a little snarky and self-deprecating, but also fun. I try not to think too much about what I am conveying.”

Although she doesn't consider her life glamourous, Danielle looks for ways to keep things exciting. Danielle says yes to every opportunity that comes her way for the benefit of having new experiences. 

The blog’s original purpose, Danielle says, was to feature stylish women along with shopping tips and alerts about local boutique sales. Now Danielle has expanded the content to include a new section called Creative Louisville, which features the talents of local photographers, jewelry designers, and clothing designers.

Finding a good deal on quality clothing is another priority for Danielle. The Rebecca Minkoff handbag she is holding in this photo came from a closet swap sale hosted by one of her friends. Valued at $400,  Danielle purchased the bag for $100.

Since being creative is the main component of her job as a public relations specialist at Boxcar PR, she looks forward to developing innovative marketing ideas for her clients, which include the John-Kenyon Eye Center, Marriott Hotel, and Delta Dental. The added benefit of her job is that she can pull inspiration for louwhatwear.com from some of the projects she works on. “We’ve created a lot of campaigns where we work with bloggers, so understanding the way both sides work has been great for me,” she says. Danielle is never short on ideas and says she is a “voracious reader of everything,” from the New York Times to Ad Weekly. 

Danielle's personal shopping skills are top-notch -- especially when she is choosing clothes and accessories for friends.

Ending the outfit envy that some women feel when they see a well-dressed woman is still one of Danielle’s main blogging goals, but she says she hasn’t perfected the art of styling herself. “Sometimes things (I wear) work and sometimes they don’t so I look back from time to time at outfits and think ‘that was a miss.’” She adds, “As someone who loves great style, I often get outfit envy when I see other people looking great. It’s one of the reasons I started the blog — as a way to showcase style I love plus a little of my own,” she says.

Latest purchase she’s praising: “I just got a new blazer from J.Crew that I am obsessed with.”
Beauty product she’s loving: “Eyelash serum from Neulash.”
Fashion she’s wearing: “All black or black and white. I am really into tassel loafers and all about pointy-toe shoes. I am obsessed with flared jeans.”
Before I go… “I try to make it out alive.”

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