Monday, October 26, 2015

Michelle Maxim's Personal Touch

By Megan Willman

For Michelle Maxim, home health care is all about the personal touch. When her dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she and her family realized that his care needed to include more than just having his physical needs addressed.

Peace of mind was at stake, and Michelle knew the level of care she expected. “I knew what service I wanted to see for my family and friends, and I believed my partner and I could provide it better than anyone around,” she says. With that vision in mind, Michelle used her retirement funds from her ‘day job’ to open a Home Helpers and Direct Link franchise in 2012.

Michelle works full time in IT contract management for a company that does many great things in our community, but Home Helpers & Direct Link allows her a more hands-on approach to helping people. “I work a lot now, but I always feel so good when I come away from a client’s home, family meeting, or when I work our booth at vendor fairs or festivals,” she says.

Shortly after opening, Michelle’s partner left the business, but she was determined to keep things afloat. Her mom and sister helped with staffing and provided care for clients. She says they were her rock in the first year and without them the business would not have survived. In 2013, Michelle’s niece, Leighana Cashon, left her pharmaceutical career and joined Home Helpers. She’s now a director and takes the lead with marketing. “Without question, I would not have been able to continue helping people without her,” Michelle says. “I’m glad to extend the family business and have her with me.”

As with many small businesses, the hardest part is getting the word out. “You have a vision that people will be knocking down your door because the need is so great, but getting your name out there is the hardest thing,” Michelle says. “The challenge is having others see your vision.”

Michelle is proud to provide the personalized, whole-family service that Home Helpers & Direct Link offers. Her desire to “do a good thing for people every day” has helped her to persevere through the hard times and allowed her to forge ahead.

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