Friday, October 30, 2015

Liz Verschure Took the Risk

By Torie Temple

Are you thinking about making a big life change, but unsure about taking the risk? This woman took a big chance when she ventured into a new job and city without knowing the outcome. Here’s how she made it through.

Liz Verschure had more than 29 years of experience working for GE Aviation, Energy, Power and Water businesses in Cincinnati when the opportunity to transfer to Louisville and take on the role as product general manager was presented to her. “I had the opportunity to grow and learn a new business, but it was a big change for me after almost 30 years of machines and a high-tech industry,” she says. “I had no consumer experience, no appliance experience, and had never lived in Louisville. It was a lot of changes.”

Part of those changes included becoming an empty-nester after her youngest child went off to college about the same time she accepted the role in Louisville. Liz and her husband took the opportunity to downsize by selling their house with an acre lot and having an in-home auction in order to remove what wouldn’t fit into their smaller Louisville home. “I had two kids away in college, was downsizing, moving to a new city, and a new job with a new product line, but we made it work by making a detailed plan,” she says. “I made a plan for decluttering, for selling the house, and for packing.”

Liz went into the move by owning the challenge and letting her excitement take the lead. “I had to restructure my life and start thinking about how to sell refrigerators or how to make a product,” she says. “In Cincinnati, our year could be counted in the thousands, and in appliances it could be twelve million products. The whole shift of market and product was pretty exciting to learn about. GE offered me an opportunity to see another part of the business world.”

Even though Liz’s husband still works at GE in Cincinnati and travels there three times a week, they are making the most out of living in a new city. “Every weekend, we try to do something new,” she says. “We try a new restaurant, we went and saw horses, and we’re enjoying the whole atmosphere.”

When the opportunity to design a new life presents itself, Liz suggests being flexible and open to learning new things for continued growth.

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