Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kim Kaberle Gives Some Advice

By Megan Willman

Kim Kaberle’s love of “pickin” began early in her life, but she never thought of the potential business opportunity until her family bought a trailer at Green River Lake. Needing to furnish the trailer but not wanting to spend too much money on the project, Kim and her sister went to flea markets to find cute, inexpensive items to decorate their lake home. Kim had a ball “picking” through and finding the best deals. Soon, she was selling her finds in her own rented booth space at peddler’s malls. Combining her picker skills with a degree in interior design, Kim had found her passion.

In September 2014, Kim noticed that a building close to her home had become available. Never afraid to try something new, she purchased the space and created Kim’s Pickins, Etc., which now contains both her own consignments as well as booth space for 15 vendors. Kim wanted a place where customers could look around for special pieces at a great price or just come in to chat. She has a real “heart for people,” as she says, and simply enjoys the opportunity to hear others’ stories and connect with them. Kim’s Pickins, Etc. exudes a warm sense of welcome as soon as one walks in the door, and her store has quickly become a popular spot in the community during its first year of business.

Kim doesn’t get as much time to “pick” as she used to, but she enjoys running the business and decorating the shop. “It’s hard work, but fun,” she says. “Over the years, I’ve learned what sells, and I enjoy helping the vendors. I work to make this place successful not just for me but for them as well.”

Success does takes a lot of work, and Kim has help from her family. Her mom does the bookkeeping, and her husband helps out particularly with the heavy lifting. She knew opening the shop would mean more responsibility for her, and she wanted to make sure he supported the idea. “It wasn’t worth risking my marriage if he didn’t,” she says. “Family is everything to me.”

What advice does Kim have for trying something new? “When a person is afraid of change, it’s not possible to move forward,” she says. She admits she’s just as susceptible to the what-ifs and worries as everyone else, but she realizes that negative thinking will hold a person back and “eat you up.” She gets rid of that “stinkin’ thinkin’” by just forging ahead.

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