Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ask Alissa: How Do I Wear a Blanket Scarf?

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Ever wondered how the heck those fashionable people pull off that huge blanket scarf trend?? Don't worry- we've all been there! The moment any of us look at that huge chunk of plaid fabric, we're wondering "how do I put this on my body without looking like I'm drowning?!" Luckily, before the cold weather hits, I'm showing you four ways to wear a blanket scarf and look good while doing it!

It's no secret that Pinterest is the place to go when you need a little DIY inspiration. When DIY-ing it with your fashion trends, try scouring Pinterest to help look for ideas! Here, I've found some super cute ways from Pinterest on how to rock the blanket scarf trend.

Layer it: First, if you don't like it all bunched up around your neck or you're too petite that it makes you feel suffocated, trying wearing it as a shawl. Better yet- belt it and make it look tailored and uber chic. Depending on how large it is, either use the full scarf or fold in it half and drape it over your shoulders for an added layer. To make the look really polished and meant to be, trying belting the scarf at the waist to make it one with your outfit as seen above.

Wrap it: Still not sure what to do with such a large piece of material? Just keep wrapping up in it until it looks right! I love this look because it is laid back and it gives everyone their own style each time they wear it. Try wrapping up nice and cozy in the scarf around the shoulders, arms and neck. No science- just trial and error!

Drape it: The simplest way to rock this trend it to literally do nothing with it. Wearing a sweater or a jacket but it's not really cold enough to bundle up in the scarf? Wear it draped around the neck as a statement piece instead of bundling up in it. 

Tie it. Lastly, wear the scarf the traditional way and tie it behind the head and around the neck. This last photo will show you a step by step tutorial on how to tie it if you follow the link!

If you have have style questions of your own or fashion blunders you need help with, send me an email at and I'll be sure to respond whether your questions makes it on our site or not! I love helping with those styling questions and now that it is fall, the layering game can become tricky!

-Alissa Hicks

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