Friday, August 7, 2015

Ask Alissa: How do I wear the jogger pant trend for men?

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This season, men's fashion is getting a lot more casual. Not that we think anyone minds seeing how comfortable men look lately, but sometimes it might be difficult to know how to style certain casual trends. The jogger pant, for example, is a topic a lot of men have been asking about. Here are a few examples on how to style these pants.

First, let's talk about how great it is that these are basically like dressy sweat pants. I like to equate these to the t-shirt dress for women. Some days you just want to be comfortable yet still look appropriate. However, back to our men! These pants are surprisingly pretty easy to style. Because they can go casual or dressy, you can almost think of them like a pair of jeans...

Photo: Gap

Just think, how would you casually style jeans? With a tee or a light sweater for fall? Probably so. Above, Gap shows us a more laid back style of the jogger pant. Below, J Crew takes on a more dressed up approach. The key to both styles though is to ensure the pants fit just right. Too baggy and you'll look disheveled, too tight and you'll look uncomfortable; so make sure you find a good fit that flatters your body! 

Photo: J Crew

Also, various style of tennis shoes are more often than not seen worn with these pants. Our model from our latest issue, Sidney, is wearing his own personal athletic shoes while the Gap model is shown wearing more laid back sneakers. Both look great with these pants but it all depends on the occasion! 

Sidney is wearing sweater and jogger pant by Express. 

-Alissa Hicks

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