Monday, August 3, 2015

Arts Insider Pick of the Week: Louisville Palace’s Film Noir Series

Film Noir is one of Hollywood’s only organic artistic movements. Beginning in the early 1940s, numerous screenplays inspired by hardboiled American crime fiction were brought to the screen, primarily by European émigré directors who shared a certain storytelling sensibility: highly stylized, overtly theatrical, with imagery often drawn from an earlier era of German “expressionist” cinema. Fritz Lang, Robert Siodmak, Billy Wilder, and Otto Preminger, among others, were among this Hollywood vanguard.

During and immediately following World War II, movie audiences responded to this fresh, vivid, adult-oriented type of film — as did many writers, directors, cameramen and actors eager to bring a more mature world-view to Hollywood product. Largely fueled by the financial and artistic success of Billy Wilder’s adaptation of James M. Cain’s novella Double Indemnity (1944), the studios began cranking out crime thrillers and murder dramas with a particularly dark and venomous view of existence.

In 1946 a Paris retrospective of American films embargoed during the war clearly revealed this trend toward visibly darker, more cynical crime melodramas. It was noted by several Gallic critics who christened this new type of Hollywood product “film noir,” or black film, in literal translation.

WHAT: Friday, August 7th, The Lady from Shanghai
             Saturday, August 8th,  Key Largo
             Friday, August 14th, The Third Man
             Saturday, August 15th, The Asphalt Jungle
             Friday, August 21st, Sunset Blvd.
             Saturday, August 22nd, Touch of Evil
WHERE: Louisville Palace 625 South Fourth St. **All screenings @ 8 PM
TICKETS: Tickets are $5 per screening.
CONTACT: the Box Office

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