Tuesday, June 16, 2015

She's "50 Shades of Neutral" Yet All Style

She might not be into much color and she might not follow what the fashion lists say but she's honest, hardworking and is known for her sassy store! We loved getting to know Jessica Moreland; here's more about this Most Admired Woman winner!

Today's Woman: How do you keep your selection fresh?
Jessica Moreland: It’s challenging as a consignment store to keep things fashion-forward and not looking dated. A big part of what I do is just keeping up with what’s hot this season, which companies have closed down so we don’t get things that are more than two years old, and what the label should look like. I’m always on the Internet looking at the fashion blogs, seeing what’s going on in the industry and interpreting it, and staying informed on how much things retail for. It may seem tedious, but I really enjoy it.

TW: How do you maintain a work–life balance?
JM: I don’t. But it’s not like I have a job where there’s paperwork to do or many emails to answer. Most of what I do at home is updating the blog, responding to social media, or making plans in my head for what I want to do. I’m not one of those people that has a really clear delineation between work and life, but that’s OK because work for me is not really stress, it’s my happy place.

TW: What do you do when a customer tries on something unflattering?
JM: I will not give unsolicited advice because I think that can damage somebody’s self-esteem, but I do give honest opinions if I’m asked. I’m never mean about it, but I’ll say, “I don’t love it. Let’s try something else." I really want people to look good and feel good and be happy with what they get.

TW: What would surprise people about you?
JM: My girlfriends always joke about my wardrobe and call it “50 shades of neutral” because I’m not a huge fan of color. I have a few colorful pieces like scarves and accessories, but I think the only true color that I own much of is UK blue. And I don’t own a white button-down shirt, which every style list says you must have. I’m not good with white. I drink a lot of coffee, and white and I never get along.

TW: What would you do if you had unlimited time and money?
JM: I would probably travel a little bit more. I’d love to go to Hawaii. I love the beach. But I probably would not work that much less. I probably still would be at Sassy Fox quite a bit. I see myself doing this forever. Actually, people ask me about expanding and having other locations, but I think I’m far too much of a control freak for that, unless I can clone myself and have me at every location all the time.

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