Friday, June 26, 2015

"I Refuse to Fail"

She might have an unconventional career, but that's just another part of what makes her so admirable. She's an animal lover, and she has the determination to take on life's challenges. Read on to find out more about Jefferson County's coroner, Barbara Weakley-Jones.

Today's Woman: Has dealing with death for a living impacted how you live your life? 
Barbara Weakly Jones: I think it has. Every day when I get up I think, Gosh, I’m glad to still be alive because I could be like the individual that is in the morgue! And I want to keep a positive attitude for the deputies I work with and for the people I’m around. I’m always careful with families of the deceased, too. I try to be honest about what happened but also sensitive. It’s a delicate balance.

TW: Do you have a personal motto?
BWJ: “Never give up.”  I try not to fail at anything I attempt. I refuse to fail. And also, “Make the best of every day.” That’s what I try to do.

TW: What are you currently struggling with?
BWJ: My weight. I’d love to be ‘less.’ I’m trying to exercise more, but you know how that is. I know that diets don’t work, at least not for me, and I’ve got to do more activity beyond just being out with the dogs. But getting into an exercising routine is difficult for me.

TW: What do you want to learn or get better at?
BWJ: I’d love to be able to do research on a dog’s scenting ability, to be able to identify and break down the organic compounds and particles that dogs smell on the human body. We still don’t know how they know that that’s a human body and not an animal. I would love to be able to figure that out. 

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