Friday, April 24, 2015

Try This DIY Fascinator

This Derby, get creative with your look! While many of the locals attend friends and family Derby parties, this DIY fascinator is perfect for going with the theme and not breaking the bank.
We love this idea of making your own fascinator with tissue paper and a few extra supplies. Stylist Alissa Hicks gives a step-by-step on how to easily create your own fascinator!

While you're at it, why not make it an event. Get together with your girlfriends, share some cheese and wine and craft together in order to bounce ideas off of each other, share supplies and have a little extra fun! 


  • 8 sheets of tissue paper (any color or pattern you wish)
  • headband
  • crafting or floral wire
  • string or thread
  • hot glue gun
  • netting
  • extra details (flower for center, etc.)
  • scissors

First: To begin, lineup tissue paper so all 8 sheets are neatly stacked together in the color order you’d like. (If extra large tissue sheets- cut down to 12” long.)

Second:  Fold tissue paper in a fan-like manner. Pinch in the center with crafting wire. Cut the edge of each end of stacked tissue paper either at an angle or rounded out to resemble a softer petal-like shape.

Third: Begin on one side and fluff up tissue paper one sheet at a time. Continue on to the other side and then fluff as desired for extra fullness.

Next: Cut the desired amount of netting and pinch in the center, securing to the headband where you desire with either thread or crafting wire. Attach flower with hot glue gun or wire until secure on the headband.

You can add whatever embellishments you'd like both in the flower or on the headband. Here, we chose burlap flowers for a combination of textures and an extra touch of fancy.

You can also create the same fascinator without a headband for a more traditional look! Try cutting your tissue paper down to a smaller size and secure with pins or a comb/ clip.

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