Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 Steps to Reaching Your Goals

Whitney Bishop, founder of Move Forward Consulting, unveiled her program Make 3 Changes in 2014 in order to help clients set goals to be able to move forward. The Louisville native works with organizations, and nonprofits during times of change or challenge, moving clients forward to a place of possibility and opportunity.

The life coach gives these three steps in order to change habits and ways of thinking:

Step 1: Think clearly about success in order to reach that goal. The magic question is, "what would it look like if it worked?"

Step 2: Identify where you are now in relation to that goal. Get clear, honest, and brave about that goal.

Step 3: Make a list to help you move forward. It could be time, support, earning more money, quiting your job, or working out. Leave it wide open for answers.

To read more about what Whitney does, check out our Passions page in the latest issue of Today's Woman!

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